Stavropol is an ancient city in the North Caucasus. It was founded in 1777 as a fortress on the southern boundaries of Russia under the decree of Empress Ekaterina II. Stavropol is a Greek word meaning a city of a cross. Originally, the city was founded as a strategic point, but soon it became a cultural center of the North Caucasus. Today the city of Stavropol is a large administrative, industrial, agricultural, scientific and cultural center of the North Caucasus. It is over 230 years. Its population is over 400 thousand people. More than 130 nationalities and religions live in friendship and they are always willing to help each other. There are more than 25 higher educational institutions where about 70 thousand students are trained.
There are a lot of historical monuments, parks, different sport facilities, seven museums, thirty-six libraries, concert halls, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants of national kitchen, hotels, Orthodox Churches, and a Mosque.
Favorable climatic conditions, adjacent cities-resorts: Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki have made our region a place of rest for foreign citizens. There is a well-known mountain-skiing center Dombai in our region.

An average temperature in Stavropol is +26C in summer and - 6C in winter. Stavropol is the greenest city in Russia. There are a lot of trees and flowers in the streets, parks and squares, especially in spring. There are an airport, a railway station, and bus stations in the city.
180 km from Stavropol, in the city of Mineralnye Vody there is an international airport. There are direct flights to all countries of the world. There are 3 direct flights from Moscow to Mineralnye Vody daily. The flight time is 2 hours. It takes 2 hours to get to Stavropol from Minvody by bus.

There is a direct flight from Moscow to Stavropol. The flight time is 2 hours. You can also get from Moscow to Stavropol by train in 30 hours or by bus in 22 hours.

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